skip important files and dirs during rm;

in the past, users have frequently reported success in deleting their home dir, root dir, and much more; skip-rm helps prevent such accidental deletions using filename checks; you specify which files to and not to delete and skip-rm does the rest for you;


this tool has several implementations:

  • bash/;

  • go/;

  • rust/;

these implementations are independent, and you can choose any one of them; but beware there may be minor differences among these implementations, which means they may not give exactly the same behavior; double check the source code, and make sure you understand what is happening before use; open an issue if needed;

the bash implementation has longer history and tends to be more stable; but it is very slow when there are a lot of filenames; the go implementation is newer and faster, but has a higher chance of malfunction; the rust implementation is even newer and less mature; you are strongly advised to do some dry-run (using fake rm) before deploying this tool; it is better safe than sorry;

these implementations share the same config files; a sample config is provided in config dir; the entire config has a json file plus some lists of patterns;


Copyright (C) 2018-2022 Cyker Way

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